Poketo menu

Norman Lester T mentioned it in his review, but Ill say it again anyway.
Three sticks of yakitori, furikake rice, onsen egg, shredded nori and magic casino lahr tempura flakes.
Poketo is not a restaurant specializing in Poke bowls just what Angela Marie C initially thought.
Luckily the hotel I stayed in was just a 10 minute walk away and so I was happy to see Streetmarket.But for this business owner, they decided that instead of losing their employees, they opted to bring them here to Manila for the pop-up.Poketo is part of the #BestofBoracay Initiative by Hole in the Wall.Chicken Breast, chicken Thigh, pork Buta Bara, dem yakitori sticks are fantastic!Other than the food being really good, another reason to head on over to hitw for this pop-up is because the staff manning the stalls are the actual staff of the restaurants loto visa americain 2018 in Boracay!Love that it was topped with a tempura flakes and nori to give added flavor and texture to the dish.I dunno but it sounds Japanese.Head on to hitw to get a taste if The Best Of Boracay.The bigger chains loto du 3 août 2018 like The Discovery Group, Two Seasons Group were able to help their employees being re-deploying them to their other resorts. .And that was pretty much how Poketo caught my eye when I visited Street Market Boracay.So this falls into that category, one bite you get chicken, the next some pork belly, grab a spoonful of rice, but the next spoonful will have some egg and some nori.Poketo is another Boracay native currently taking shelter at hitw.Well, the tenpura flakes and nori shreds will add texture to the dish and ze onsen egg will a wonderful contrast.I loved how tender both meats were that getting it off the stick was effortless.Mix everything with rice and its an awesome dish.Ika nga nila walang tapon.Poketo serves Yakitori sticks and Yakitori bowls.Poketo is originally in Street Market, the first and only food hall in Boracay.Shape Studs in Pastel.00, sold out, shape Studs in Primary.00, small Cutout Dangle Earrings.00, cutout Dangle Earrings.00.A harmony of savory and sweet flavors, it was well balanced by the furikake rice which had a slight seafood taste.We had their chicken thigh, chicken breast and leek, and pork belly.