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The companies whose core business consists in hydrocarbon exploration and production may now focus more closely on these operations.
Their expertise and determination in the age entree casino portugal pursuit of targets are our most valuable asset, which we will further enhance by investing in professional advancement of our employees.
In 2013, we built a strong foundation for even faster and more efficient development of the upstream segment.
Grupa lotos, through its subsidiary lotos Petrobaltic, is the only Polish enterprise engaged in hydrocarbons production in the Polish economic zone of the Baltic Sea.In the Baltic Sea, lotos Petrobaltic produces from the B3 field and develops the B8 field.The success was mainly driven by the high qualifications and strong commitment of our crews employees of the upstream subsidiaries.We had not conducted exploration on such a large scale for many years.Built in Singapore in 1989, the rig is capable of drilling at water depths of 105 meters.Once placed in operation under the name lotos Petrobaltic, it will help us discover the remaining hydrocarbon accumulations under the Baltic Sea floor, particularly those which could not be reached earlier due to their location at depths of more than 90m below the seabed.Drilling operations are scheduled to begin in March.Lotos Norge acquired interests in a portfolio of 14 Heimdal licences on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.Offshore Energy Today Staff, February 27, 2014.Crude oil is also produced in Lithuania, through AB lotos Geonafta of Gargždai, Lithuania.The agreement signed in March 2013 between the Yme field operator and the owner of the rig sitting on the field removed a major impediment which had hindered the segments growth.Zbigniew Paszkowicz, president of lotos Petrobaltic.A said that the rig would begin drilling operations in the Baltic sea upon receiving approval from the Mining Authority.We carried out seismic surveys over six offshore licences on the Baltic Sea, covering an area of more than 1,200 km2.Polands oil and gas company Lotos has informed that Yme mopustor platform, located in the Norwegian part.Home, lotos, the Polish energy company lotos Exploration Production Norge is about to complete drilling operations on the.In 2013, we reorganized and restructured the segment companies under the Effective and Rising Programme.In Lithuania, our production stabilised at a level which nearly meets the target, while the seismic surveys carried out and five production wells drilled in 2013 are expected to further boost production in the future.
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Lotos Petrobaltic, the sole company conducting hydrocarbon exploration and production work in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea, said it would use the rig to drill fifteen wells, plus extensive workover operations.

This is a good investment in the future, as are the two new licences we acquired in 2013.